Rakhi Ohri
Rakhi Ohri
Pitam Pura, New Delhi, Delhi

Infrastructure & Facilities

Warehousing and Packaging

Our expansive warehouse offers optimal efficiency for productive dispatch system. Our planned inventory systems as well as advanced loading, unloading equipments bring better delivery as well cutting down on the required turnaround time. We maintain the warehouse free from pests, dust and grime by adopting proper fumigation, airing processes etc.


Our packaging process is modern and follows international equipment trends in terms of materials used to help the apparel remain fresh and retain their original shapes. We ensure that they are safe in their packaging since we use laminates as well as corrugated boxes and remain damage proof during the entire process of transportation and delivery to client.

State Of The Art Infrastructure

We have the most sophisticated and elaborate infrastructure for manufacturing, finishing, quality control as well as packaging and warehousing. We believe in investing in the latest technology in terms of machineries, equipment used across all our different units for quality product production.


Our facility is strategically located enabling us to have well networked sourcing points for our raw materials as well as remain well connected with all our vendor network throughout the country and abroad. To this end we have sophisticated communication networks as well as CAD/CAMs equipment to ensure consistent quality as well as cost effective prices.